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Printelligent Macbook Designer Unique Laptop Skin
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Premium Quality, HD, UV Printed, Laminated, Protected, Bubble Free, Scratchproof, Washable, Easy to Install Laptop Skin/Sticker/Vinyl/Cover for 13.1, 13.3, 14.1, 14.4, 15.1, 15.6 inches on 3M Vinyl with Mouse Pad (Dell Black)

The skins by meSleep are easy to install & remove without leaving any gum or residue. And the Mouse Pads by meSleep are Anti-Skid, Don't worry about them slipping.

Trim to fit, Easy-to-remove Vinyl decals for designed to fit the top of your Laptop .
Made from premium quality Vinyl, Full and brilliant UV-resistant colors printed with a protective matt finish.

Super easy to apply - no bubbles ever
Super easy to remove - No goo or residue
Extra protection from dirt and scratches
All skins are MATTE laminated, and water resistant

How To Apply    
Measure the length and width of your laptop excluding the hinges. Choose the closest size from the list minding the extra bit that should be trimmed off at the edges after application for perfect fit.

Free Shipping. Usually dispatched within 24-48 Hours

meSleep laptop skins protect your device from dirt, minor scratches & dullness, increasing its life & re-sale value. And you get a mouse pad in the same design to match your skin
Laptop Skin is Compatible with laptops screen sizes ranging from 14.1 inches to 15.6 inches
meSleep laptop skins and mouse pads enable you and your device a unique look which are cool, trendy & personalized
Dimension (WxH) : 15 x 10 inches for Laptop Skin and 7.2x8 inches for mouse pad

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